Q.55 . Does epilepsy affect work performance?

Ans: There is a feeling that a person with epilepsy is incapable of doing a job has , increased absenteeism. However study shows that people with epilepsy tend to work more conscientiously than others to prevent loosing in the job.

Q.56. What jobs are not suitable for persons with epilepsy?

Ans: Professional drivers of motor vehicles, pilots, people working at unprotected heights, open machinery live electrical cables are not suitable for persons with epilepsy.

Q.57. Can a person with epilepsy do shift work?

Ans: Generally it's not advisable to do shift work, certainly not advisable if seizure are frequent and related to sleep deprivation.

Q.58. Is there any law in India to protect the rights and interests of person with epilepsy?

Ans: It is well known that people with epilepsy are discriminated at every stage -school admission, employment, marriage, insurance, sports etc ,. In USA - Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and in UK the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) prohibits discrimination in various spheres of life. Unfortunately in India there is no such Law. At the moment one has to fight under the Fundamental Rights Act.

Q: 59. Does epilepsy cause violent behavior leading to criminal assault?

Ans: As an general rule it is extremely rare to commit a crime during an attack of seizure.