Q.63. Is marriage a cure for epilepsy?

Ans: No, marriage is not a cure for epilepsy.

Q.64. Can a person with epilepsy get married and lead a normal married life?

Ans: Of course, Yes. Patients with epilepsy are absolutely normal in between the attacks and as such there are no restrictions of any type. They can get married, have a normal sexual life and children. What is important is that anti epileptic drugs must be continued even after marriage. This requires that the, would be spouse should be informed about the illness and emphasize the need to continue the medication for the required period

Q.65. What does the Law say regarding Epilepsy & Marriage ?

Ans: India, until recently had archaic laws related to epilepsy and marriage. In 1976 the Government of India amended the Hindu Marriage Act (1955) and special Marriage Act (1954). As per this Marriage Laws Amendment Act 1976, a person subjected to recurrent attacks of insanity or epilepsy cannot have a legally valid marriage and such a marriage shall be voidable, resulting in divorce Indian Epilepsy Association filed a public interest litigation ( Writ Petition (Civil) No. 501 of 1996) against the Union of India challenging the legal validity of provisions of the marriage (Amendment) Act of 1976 as applicable to epilepsy. In August 1997 Government of India responded to the courts order mentioning that the legislation to remove the grievance is in the offing. The Rajyasabha passed the bill on November 30th 1999 and the Lokasabha followed suit on December 20th 1999. So today a person with epilepsy can have a legally valid marriage and is no more an illness to claim for divorce. Howeve it is unfortunate that the law remains largely on paper as the attitude of people requires to be changed with frequent awareness programmes through various media.

Q.66. Why is it difficult for a person suffering from epilepsy to get married?

Ans: Fear of heredity and effect of AED's (anti epileptic drugs) on child makes it difficult for a person having epilepsy to get married , both of this can be discussed with the doctor.

Q.67. Should the person suffering from epilepsy hide the fact of epilepsy from his spouse?

Ans: No, a person with epilepsy should reveal the disorder to his/her spouse. Infact he/she should inform the details of medication as well and show the entire medical reports.

Q.68. Should a person with epilepsy be unable to get married, how should he/she live?

Ans: Person with epilepsy if unable to get married should not get frustrated or depressed but learn to live with confidence a happy, useful and meaningful life.